Accu-Chek Combo handset features and benefits

  • Full-colour display – with a colour display, graph clarity is enhanced and key items are highlighted. 
  • Discretion and convenience when delivering an insulin dose – wirelessly send your bolus within 2 metres (6.5 feet) of the pump via Bluetooth®
  • Easy to use menu – intuitively designed menu helps you to quickly navigate to the correct menu item and allows you to understand the features in more detail as you get more comfortable with pump therapy 
  • Integrated bolus advisor – straightforward and intuitive bolus advice from blood glucose measurement to insulin delivery.
  • Customisable reminders – you can set reminders for infusion set changes, doctor and lab visits, retesting after meals and out-of-range blood glucose readings.
  • Confidence – you don’t have to keep track of everything in your head, by programming reminders into the system.
  • Discretion—you don’t have to get the pump out to view and act on reminders

Accu-Chek Combo pump features and benefits

  • Customisable insulin pump menus – 3 menus (standard, advanced, custom) on the pump to allow you to learn about your Accu-Chek Spirit Combo insulin pump step by step and customise it for daily use
  • IPX8 waterproof rating (2.5 meters/8 feet, 60 minutes) when leaving factory. Ex-factory pump rated for accidental contact with water– Roche guarantees protection against brief accidental water contact, such as rain, water splashes or accidental immersion
  • Tactile buttons – allow for confident and discreet bolus delivery even when the handset is not available. The pump can be operated from under clothing using the buttons.
  • 315 U insulin reservoir capacity – convenient, easy-to-fill cartridge saves time with less frequent reservoir filling.
  • A small hourly basal rate (0.05 U/hr) – delivered in small pulses over the entire hour.