Based on innovative fluorescence technology embedded within a tiny sensor, the Eversense XL CGM system measures glucose in the interstitial fluid (the fluid between cells). A smart transmitter is worn on the arm, directly over the sensor, and wirelessly powers the data transfer from the sensor.

Glucose reversibly binds to the sensor’s polymer coating, and the amount of light emitted by the polymer coating rises and falls with changing glucose levels. Photodetectors in the sensor measure the emitted light and wirelessly send these measurements to the transmitter, which then calculates glucose concentration, rate of change and direction. This glucose data is sent wirelessly to the smartphone app that provides real-time tracking, intuitive displays to help identify patterns, and information to help stay in range. The smart transmitter also provides on-body vibration alerts even if your phone is not nearby or is switched off.

With traditional CGM or Flash GM sensors, you must insert a new sensor every 7 – 14 days. With the Eversense XL CGM system, a new sensor is fully inserted under the skin for up to many months.