Many thanks for your purchase, your items will be shipped within the next 2-3 working days and will need to be signed for.

I would recommend fully charging your MiaoMiao for 8 hours before using and resetting it by pushing in the tiny reset button (MM2 on the front above the charger point, MM1 on the rear of the transmitter). Please ensure you keep the original MiaoMiao Box safe for warranty and please email your MiaoMiao Serial Number to below email address to validate Warranty – I have to keep a record of this.

** IMPORTANT = I have noticed that on occasions if your MiaoMiao is left uncharged for long periods of time it can kill the battery, I am no expert and this is just an observation to suggest you do keep you MiaoMiao charged on a regular basis.

I really hope you are happy with your purchase, if so i would be very grateful if you can share my website details.

If you have any questions relating to your order then please email : and I will do my best to assist, I try to reply within 48 hours.

Technical Help can also be found at MiaoMiao HQ

Please don’t forget to join the MiaoMiao Reader Facebook Group – for me this was a great way to get started using the MiaoMiao Reader and lots of great hints and tips 🙂